Bring Strategy to your Sourcing with MeRLIN

Did you know that only about a fifth of sales savings goes to the bottom line and the remainder is consumed by the costs associated with doing business? By contrast, every dollar saved in Procurement goes straight to the bottomline.

Looking at your sourcing function more strategically ensures that you can consistently add value to the business. Adopting Strategic Sourcing increases operating margins, builds brand value and provides a sustainable, long-term contribution to your company’s success at least two to three times greater than the gains realized by simple purchasing automation.

The Global Procurement Software Market in the pre-Covid-19 scenario was expected to expand at a 9.6% CAGR during the forecast period from 2018 to 2023 from a base of $ 5.1 billion to over $ 8 billion as per IDC. Adoption is expected to rapidly accelerate in the post Covid-19 world at a CAGR of almost 20%.

MeRLIN - A Strategic Sourcing Solution to enable businesses to realize sustainable value across the sourcing ecosystem

MeRLIN is an integrated solution for Direct & Indirect Sourcing with Supplier Relationship Management, Sourcing Automation and Planning augmented by Advanced Analytics. Simplify your strategic sourcing by bringing together all stakeholders on a single intuitive platform. 

Features of MeRLIN Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Solution

Source to Procure

Category Management

Create, Manage and Map Categories, Execute Sourcing Strategy

Supplier Relationship Management

Register, Onboard and Manage Suppliers Reducing Cycle Time

Strategic Sourcing

Manage the Complete Lifecycle from RFx to Sourcing

Contract Management

Manage Contract Repository, Never Miss a Critical Milestone

Requistion to Award

Requistion Management

Spend, Manage User & System Generated Requisitions

Award Management

Manage Awards efficiently with Workflows and Expectations


Direct Materials
Indirect Sourcing
RFX Management​
Auction Management
Category Management​

Catalogue Management​

Contract Repository
Item and Service Master​
Sourcing Templates​
Price Lists


Services Procurement​
Award Approvals​
Purchase Requisitions​

Supplier Management​

Supplier Information Mgmt
Supplier Onboarding​​
Risk Management​
Improvement Plans
Supplier-Category-Region Mapping​


Program Management​
Advanced Analytics​
BOM Analysis​
Spend and Savings Analytics​
Purchase Price Variance Analytics​






Data Layer – Masters, Logs, Cubes


MeRLIN - The perfect solution for smarter sourcing​

Supplier Relationship Management

Manage Supplier lifecycle, performance, and relationships seamlessly to foster collaboration and convert them to strategic partners rather than vendors.

Direct Sourcing

Powerful, comprehensive solution that addresses your direct material sourcing needs to help accelerate your time to market and make products at competitive price.


Simplify and accelerate your enterprise purchases by automating your procurement processes from requisition requests to awarding approvals.


Get the right value and achieve the appropriate price, enhance competitiveness and meet required procurement standards using customized questions with real-time eAuctions.

Contract Management

Don’t miss key contractual milestones. Centrally store your contracts, enhance visibility and get notified about key milestones.


Get near real-time view of your complex sourcing function at Project, Category and Enterprise levels and gain actionable insights to make smarter and well-informed decisions.


A best of breed scalable & secure platform to equip sourcing professionals with automation, integration and collaboration capabilities for achieving unmatched performance and agility. MeRLIN is available on the Cloud and can also be hosted in your datacenter / private cloud.

The perfect solution for smarter sourcing​

Accelerated Return on Investment

Rapid Implementation and Robust features ensure faster time to value

Global Sourcing Simplified

MeRLIN’s global database and support for multi-currency transactions streamlines global sourcing needs

Powerful Analytics

Get greater control over spend & saving impact of your sourcing decisions, business process and mitigate supply chain risks

Extensive Configurability

Create commodity specific response templates that drive deep automation and transparent decision making

Agile Solution

Modular, flexible, configurable and easy to deploy

Quick Turn Arounds

Eliminate manual activities by automation of processes and approvals as well as supplier quotes reducing time to respond

Flexible Deployment Options

Cloud and On-Premise

Integrations with popular ERPs

Integrates well with every popular ERP system allowing seamless flow of data